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Why Choose ExpressLeadGen

Optimal Setup

Multiple Mailboxes

Dedicated Domains


Reputable ESPs

TLS Encryption

Strategic Prospecting

In-Depth ICP Research

Decision-Makers Key Stakeholders

Data Compliance with Law

Verifying Data Accuracy

Personalized Messaging

Addressing Pain Points

Strong Value Proposition

Compelling CTAs

Desire to Take Action

A/B Testing

Inbox Management

Swift Response

Categorize Replies Effectively

High Level of Engagement

Book Calls on Calender

Performance Optimization

Campaign Performance Analysis

Optimization on Metrics

Making Adjustments

Maintain Positive Reputation

Why Choose ExpressLeadGen

Multiple dedicated domains setup for optimum deliverability and protection of your primary domain reputation... Ensuring email authenticity by implementing DKIM, SPF and DMARC... Choosing reliable Email Service Provider (ESP) allowing for customization, automation and tracking features... Optimal warm-up of domains/IPs for a positive sender reputation... Ensuring security measures such as TLS encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted through emails

Optimal Setup

In-depth research to identify and segment your ideal customer profile (ICP)... Targeting decision-makers and key stakeholders within your ICP... Ensuring that the data complies with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA and CAN-SPAM Act... Verifying the accuracy and relevance of data by cross-referencing it with multiple sources and databases

Strategic Prospecting

Crafting personalized messages referencing specific details that resonate with your target audience... Addressing the specific needs and pain points of your ICP... Incorporating a strong value proposition to encourage engagement... Compelling CTA that guides recipients towards taking the desired action... A/B testing on different email elements

Personalized Messaging

Implementing robust inbox management strategies to prioritize and categorize incoming emails effectively... Responding swiftly to incoming inquiries and feedback to maintain a high level of engagement... Setting up automated filters to organize emails based on sender, subject and priority... Ensure timely communication with prospects and identify areas for improvement

Inbox Management

Continually monitoring campaign performance metrics like open rates, reply rates, bounce rates.... Optimizing based on data-driven insights... Making adjustments to targeting, messaging, and timing to maximize results... Following industry best practices to avoid spam filters and maintain a positive sender reputation

Performance Optimization

100% Guaranteed Results

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our pricing is dynamic and tailored to each individual client's needs. However, our services are based on a 100% performance-driven model, charging only for successful meetings booked. You can book a time on our calender for a quick call to discuss further.
Our service is 100% guaranteed. If we don't generate results for you, you don't pay. Simple!
Yes indeed. We adhere to all GDPR regulations and best practices to ensure that our cold email campaigns are compliant. We only target businesses i.e. B2B; not consumers i.e. B2C. We only reach out with data that is publicly available.
No, when done correctly, cold emailing is NOT spam. Spam emails are irrelevant unsolicited messages sent in bulk. On the other hand, our cold emails are targeted and personalized messages sent out to a carefully selected audience. Following best practices and regulations ensures that our cold emails are compliant and respectful.
Absolutely, cold email remains one of the most effective B2B lead generation strategies. Every day about 300+ billion emails are sent around the globe and this number is increasing every year.
In terms of cost-effectiveness and ROI, cold email often outperforms other traditional methods like cold calling and paid advertising. Research shows that cold emailing can generate 2x higher ROI compared to cold calling.
Yes, cold email allows you to directly reach decision-makers in your target companies. According to a DiscoverOrg study, 75% of executives say they are willing to attend an event or take an appointment from a cold email that provides relevant insights about their industry.
Through our system, we monitor various metrics such as open rates, reply rates, bounce rates and conversion rates to evaluate the performance of our cold email campaigns. This data allows us to optimize the strategy and focus on what works best for your business.